The Mean Girls presents Princess Beverly, Princess Bella in Brainwashed To Blow


Princess Bella n Princess Beverly are sitting in the dining room discussing different slave training techniques when Princess Bella suddenly realizes she forgot all about the slave she left hooked up to the machine that is brainwashing him to love sucking cock! Princess Bella explains to Princess Beverly that she has decided to start pimping out the slave beginning this weekend. The slave is straight and doesn’t want to suck cock but Princess Bella doesn’t even care about that. Princess Bella wants a new pair of expensive shoes and this is how the slave will earn the money to pay for them.

The slave needs to learn how to suck cock properly before he can be pimped out so Princess Bella is putting him through the Mean Girl forced bi training program that will brainwash him into loving cock. Only problem is she forgot to take him off the brainwashing machine before going to bed last night. He wasn’t supposed to be on the machine anywhere near that long n now she’s worried his brain might have turned to mush. Ordinarily she wouldn’t even care but if his brain is too severely damaged she won’t even be able 2 make any money whoring him out.

Princess Beverly & Princess Bella go inspect the slave and we see the slave hooked up to a machine that is repeatedly thrusting a large cock into the slaves mouth n relentlessly face fucking the slave at a steady pace. The slave is just staring mindlessly ahead as he is violated by the cock over n over again. There is also headgear attached to the slave that is brainwashing the slave into loving cock. Princess Beverly n Princess Bella just laugh when they see the slave. They comment that he’s probably retarded by now but they don’t care. Not only do they not rush to get him off the machine they actually turn it up to a faster setting! It’s obvious they don’t care about the slave at all as long as he can suck cock properly that’s all that matters.

I loved this clip. I love how the decision to pimp the slave out is totally up to Princess Bella without any discussion about the slave’s limits or anything like that. She is pimping him out simply because she can and to get some new shoes out of it as well. A pair of shoes is more important to Princess Bella than the slave is. There is also a lot of great verbal humiliation and taunting of the slave about being a cocksucker and being forced to swallow cum. At one point Princess Bella wonders aloud if a slave can actually swallow so much cum it makes them sick. Like is there such a thing as cum poisoning? Great forced bi is all about 2 things, demonstrating the power the dom has over the sub n humiliating the slave and this clip has plenty of both.

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Name: The Mean Girls presents Princess Beverly, Princess Bella in Brainwashed To Blow
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