Tara Tainton – You Cant Hide Anything from Me for Long


What's up, squirt? Nice boxers. ha ha! What are those? Cartoon characters? Aren't too old for that! Good thing you've never been naked like that in front of a real girl. ha ha! Eh, you know I just like to tease you... so, uh, I was gonna ask you if you know what happened to that nice chocolate candy my boyfriend bought for me. It's disappeared. Did you take it?? Come on, I can always tell when you're lying or are up to no good. I'm your big sis! What if I decide to not let you out of the room until you confess and tell me where the candy is? Oh, you know I always get what I want... especially from YOU. ha ha! Come on, give it up, little bro. Where is it? Is it here? Or here? Oh, so you're ticklish! I should've known. So, it drives you nuts if I tickle you here?! Or here! ha ha! Okay, okay, if you tell me where the chocolate is, I'll... give you a reward. I'll show you your first pair of breasts... Oh, look at that little dick of yours sticking straight up!! Oh, what is THAT, little bro? ha ha! What if I just yank off your boxers and REALLY embarrass you? Oh, THAT's where you were hiding my candy! Ew, gross! You little... okay, okay. It's time for your reward. Are you sure you can handle this? Wow, your dick is really standing tall now!! You can touch it if you want to... or are you too embarrassed to do that in front of your sis?? I bet you practice ALL the time! Hey, I wonder who can make themselves come the fastest! Let's race! I'll touch myself while you stroke away... you KNOW I win every game we play!!

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Name: Tara Tainton - You Cant Hide Anything from Me for Long
Video: MP4, SD, 720x480
Time: 00:20:28
Size: 150 MB

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