Raquel Roper – Sucking For Science: Phase 2 (Premium user request)

Raquel Roper - Sucking For Science: Phase 2 (Premium user request) 00004

You open your dazing eyes and see a florescent light, which illuminates a woman who appears to be hovering over an oxygen mask which is pumping air into your lungs. You feel your heart, thumping in your ears as you wonder, "where am I?". The last thing you remember was entering the building of the clinical trial you were entering for some extra cash, everything after your name being called is a blur. "Breathe..." the woman whispers, as she removes the mask from you, her image becoming clearer as you recognize her from the first phase of the trial process. "You've been selected for a special segment of the experiment here at FF laboratories, as you may have become aware; our practices are seen as a bit.. unethical by some." Your body feels sluggish, your mind still in a bit of a haze. You assume you've been with something. "I've injected you with a a that will allow me to see just how hard your cock can be; in the name of science! We must do this experiment to assure mankind stays intact, to guarantee that the job of men to reproduced is not being undermined by any sort of interference..." her words sounds like rambles as your heart beat picks up again, your breath tightening as you feel the warmth of her mouth wrap around your hard cock, her tongue beginning to twirl against your tip. Your cock throbs in her mouth as she sucks & fucks her mouth with your length before draining you dry which continues to leave you guessing what kind of fucked up laboratory is this!?

Name: Raquel Roper - Sucking For Science: Phase 2 (Premium user request)
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