POVHumiliation presents Lena Nicole in Obey Me U Worthless Masturbator

Hey stupid! Are you all alone tonight cuz you can't get a Girl?? Awwww, that's so sad! Well aren't you lucky WE at POV HUMILIATION know JUST what you need and DESERVE. A nice OVERPOWERING mindfuck to make up for the fact that that, that... PENIS (*giggles*) never gets ANY fucking, except from its lowbrow owner. So, ready to be DOMINATED and DESTROYED by the HOTTEST HUMILIATRIX a scumbag insect like you could even dream of serving? Of COURSE you are, cumstain. you've been ready and begging since your last trembling fix from POV HUMILIATION! WE'RE the BEST, and you jackoffs know it. When it comes to ruining pathetic losers, no other website even comes CLOSE! And when it comes to STUCK UP models who don't let small dicked CUM close, there is NO ONE to compare with PRINCESS JESSIE ROGERS! As She humbly puts it, "I make ALL guys stiff. The lucky ones get to fuck me. The rest of you losers get acquainted with your HAND! LOL!" And get acquainted you will, stroker zombie. PRINCESS JESSIE is about to take you on a magical mystery MASTURBATION tour, and when SHE'S done you're going to fall even MORE DEEPLY in love with your isolating habit. It comes so NATURALLY to you, huh? you will follow JESSIE'S jerkoff instructions to a tee, as you give in to your desire to SUBMIT to a POWERFUL, MEAN WOMAN who despises you. HAHA! "I'm so MEAN, aren't I? Taking advantage of a small guy like you?" JESSIE mocks your little toy-toy that no one wants to play with, and She shows you what a REAL man gets. She knows you can't please a Girl, and makes you say that you're a SISSY-FAGGOT, while She plays cruel games of RED-LIGHT GREEN-LIGHT, making you FREEZE and DROOL! But that's only the beginning. JESSIE'S JACKOFF ORDERS will have you doing things you never dreamed of! CEI, JOI, SPH, and new acts there are no acronyms for! LOL! This clip is so intoxicating it should be illegal! It will leave you even FURTHER from the shores of manhood, out to sea, with your teenie little useless paddle that could NEVER take you home! But that's LIFE for you, jackoff! you're just a REPULSIVE lonely moron who doesn't deserve ANY FEMALE company. Only HUMILIATION clips! And this one is UNBELIEVABLE, designed to extinguish your pathetic SOUL! Now go make a COMPLETE AND UTTER FOOL of yourself and your sad, lonely dick self for PRINCESS JESSIE, you brainfucked loser!

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Name: POVHumiliation presents Lena Nicole in Obey Me U Worthless Masturbator
Video: MP4,HD,1280x720
Time: 00:11:16
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Link hidden K2s.cc
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