HumiliationPOV – Princess Kendi Olsen – You Cant Stop Jerking While I Ruin Your Marriage


You are so good to me, Daddy. You give me a very generous allowance. You leave work early to serve me. You take time away from your wife just to be with me. You are the best sugar daddy I have ever had. You have spent entire paychecks on me, dipped into your savings. And u enjoy doing it because I let you jerk it to my perfect young body. It turns you on so much knowing you`ve a hot little school girl to play with. Do you wanna jerk it now for me?

Go ahead, take it out, and start stroking it for me. I want you to feel good. And I`ve a surprise for you today. And I want you horny and jerking n staring at my body before I tell you. I know what a sucker you are for my hot young body. Stroke your cock for me. That’s a good little sugar daddy. You are so eager to jerk today, are u ready for your surprise?

Well you know how I told you that we’re so good for each other and I would do anything for you? Keep stroking while I tell you, I want you horny while u hear the news. Well since we both know how happy we`re together, I have secured our future together so that we can spend even more time together. We have been doing this for awhile and I am starting to feel like I don’t get enough time with you. I don’t get enough attention. And your wife takes away a lot of our time even though you don’t even like her. So this morning I sent her an email, I detailed everything we have been up to. All the shopping trips, those late night you told her you were working, and how hard you have been trying to get in my pants.

I also sent her some pictures of myself. She can’t compare to a hot young brat like me. I also gave her my phone number in case she had any questions. I told her everything we have been up to and I told her it’s time for her to go. I want u all to myself. Oh I didn’t ruin your marriage, it was doomed the moment you met me. You don’t need that stupid wife. So take off your wedding ring n look at the bright side, u r going to have so much more money to spend on me now. Jerk for me, don’t worry, the divorce will be over before y`know it. I promise baby. And then you will have so much more time to spend with me when she’s gone, no more sneaking around.

Jerk for me, jerk for the young brat who just ruined your marriage. LOL!!! This is making you horny, isn’t it? You love this. U have always said that I am your ultimate fantasy girl and now you can have me all the time, no more fantasies. Fuck your wife. I will make you forget all about her. We can clean out her closets and fill it with all new clothes for me. LOL, this is going to be so much fun! I am so excited for your divorce. Do you think she’s reading my email right now while you are jerking off? LOL! I will bet she’s crying, LOL! And you are here unable to stop jerking for me even though I just fucked up your whole life. Maybe you should check your phone? Or maybe you should just ignore it and cum for me. Cum for me and kiss your marriage goodbye. Good daddy. Now you can serve me forever.

– Princess Kendi Olsen

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