Queen D in Pig in poverty for Princess


Luxury is a word which I’m totally used to pig. Luxury is what my life is surrounded with. I love bragging about how fucking spoiled I am by you losers because I know when you really do sacrifice for me like a good pig, this should mean your in every evening, every weekend with your noodles and bread, nothing else is needed but your computer screen! Stroke, spoil, worship, work. Look at how deserving my perfection is loser! I shouldn’t ever have to go without, you should be living on the poverty line to lavish your princess! I know my bragging makes you pathetic and horny, it makes you want to achieve my desires, become my number 1 oink pig

Name: Queen D in Pig in poverty for Princess
Video: MP4, HD, 1280×720
Time: 00:08:42
Size: 181 MB

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