MyLindseyAddiction – Be My Butter Pig



Name: MyLindseyAddiction – Be My Butter Pig
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Its time for me to become your feeder. This is a role I have thought long and hard about. coerce feeding you and making you gain weight is a huge responsibility. I want you to be as disgusting as possible, some may think this task is easy(it is given you already gross people out) but in fact its very hard. Watching you stuff yourself until you are so full of food you may burst is what I want every meal to be like for you. I want you eating sticks of butter, jerking off with them. I want food to become sexual for you. Overtime you will gain and gain until you are over 300 lbs. A gross fat piggy. Every time you see food you will become erect and lust after it. I am going to make you so big that you won’t be able to reach your cock around your big belly anymore. Think you can stuff yourself and jerk off at the same time? Grab that butter piggy.

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  1. Bobby says:

    Can you please upload this again? Thanks so much

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