HumiliationPOV presents Princess Mika in Loser Poppers Mindfuck, Sniff, Stroke And Worship


Are u ready to sniff some p0pp3rz loser? Yea, I bet u r, you’re ready to get all nice and fucked up. It шs soooo pathetic that you have to resort to p0pp3rz. It really shows how much of a loser you really are and how much of a loser you really must be. Yea you know you are pathetic that’s why you’re doing them, aren’t you? Go ahead, take the first fucking sniff. You are just getting started, aren’t you? You just wanna take those p0pp3rz and look at me while you do it & hear me command you 2 do it.
You just wanna stroke and worship while you are in that little trance. Sniff again. You love when I tell you 2 do it. You love sniffing p0pp3rz for me, u love obeying. I mean how could you not, just look how perfect my body is as you get more & more fucked up for me. There’s no better feeling than worshiping and stroking while you are high on p0pp3rz. Do another. Does that feel good? I love laughing at you when you are like this, at how fucking stupid you get. Sniff it again loser.

I want you nice & fucked up, get so fucking pathetic for me because thats exactly what you deserve. Sniff again and stroke your pathetic cock as u get lost in my amazing body. You’re loving this. Sniffing & stroking and worshiping. You crave this. Sniff again. Everything is so much better when you’re doing p0pp3rz. Does it make you feel like more of a loser? I hope it does because you really r, sitting there at home all alone doing p0pp3rz, stroking your dick.

You must really be feeling it now. Sniff it again. Yea that feels so good. You are loving every second of this, getting so fucked up for me. You live for this. It’s so sad, you’re so pathetic. It feels so good to be such a fucking loser, doesn’t it? Sniff, stroke, worship, obey. You’re such a fuck up. You love being such a good boy for me while you are fucked up. Do you wanna cum for me? I’m going to have you take one last huge sniff right as you’re about to cum, it is going to feel so fucking good.

Name: HumiliationPOV presents Princess Mika in Loser Poppers Mindfuck, Sniff, Stroke And Worship
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Please re upload this its dead please