Clips4Sale – Mrs Mischief presents I Got Your Wifes Big Package – 25.05.2017


Sorry to bother you, but I think your mail came to my place by mistake…is your wife home? No? Well, this is a little embarrassing – I opened the package that came to my house and didn’t realize that it wasn’t for me until I saw what was in the box.

This is a pretty big dildo – you two must be more wild than you look! What do you mean it’s not yours? Of course it’s yours; says so right on the packing slip.

Well, if you don’t know about it, maybe this is your wife’s not-so-little secret. I can’t imagine needing a fake cock with such a good looking man in the house, but maybe she’s just insatiable or something… No? She says she doesn’t like sex toys at all? And your sex life is almost non-existent?

That’s really fucked up that she would lie to you like that.

If you were my man I’d fuck you all the time… Hey, wanna get back at your wife for lying and not fucking you and (probably) cheating on you, too? Let’s get this dildo all dirty then put it back in the box! That’ll teach that bitch a lesson. Mmm…I have an even better idea…I’m going to spit on it, rub it on my pussy, and then put it back in the box.

Your wife sure has good taste in cocks…this one feels great in my cunt…but probably not as good as yours would. Come here, let me suck your cock…it tastes so much better than this dildo your stupid wife ordered.

Mmm, I haven’t seen a dick that hard in a long time – it’s lonely being the single girl in the neighborhood. Come on…just fuck me..I need it. You know you want to. That’s it, baby, stuff that big cock in me…fuck me hard. Make your neighbor cum on your poor neglected cock. Mmm, yeah…give me that fat load right in my pussy…

What? You don’t want to get me pregnant? Fine…cum on my tits while I jack your cock off. I’ll kneel in front of your beautiful dick, stroke you hard and fast…make you explode all that pent-up cum right onto my tits…

** Enormous virtual cumshot plasters my tits and chin – I’m coming back soon to drain you again, neighbor. **

Includes : Virtual Sex, Homewrecker, Simulated Cumshot

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Name: Clips4Sale – Mrs Mischief presents I Got Your Wifes Big Package – 25.05.2017
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