Clips4sale – MissaX presents Pepper XO, Penny Pax in Confidence


Includes: Pepper XO, Penny Pax, creampie

Sweetheart Penny is your go to girl to call whenever you’re in a bind, she can’t refuse someone when they ask her help. She’s incapable of refusing someone if they ask her help, this leaves her with zero time for herself, her life is a continuous cycle of work and sleep. She wishes she had the confidence to tell people, “no thanks, I can’t, I just need some ‘me’ time.” She walks in her home after a twelve hour shift knowing that she has go home, answer work emails, eat a little something, sleep, and back to work. She sighs in exhaustion as she opens up her laptop.
Her inbox is flooded with junk emails, she can never decline a salesperson when they ask for her personal email address. She starts deleting, “junk, junk, junk,” and then she sees an email from the upscale spa downtown, it’s titled “Futa Massage for Confidence and Relaxation and Happiness.” She reads the email with interest and quickly decides that she could use a little happiness. She grabs her keys and hurries out the door.

She walks in the salon, down the hall, and into Pepper’s room. “Take off your clothes, darling, I’ll just be a minute,” Pepper’s voice drips and draws with confidence. Penny bites her lip and she takes off her blouse, her skirt, her heels, she wonders if she gets all the way naked? She has never had a massage before. Her hands shake as she takes off her bra and reveals her full breasts, she covers herself with her hands and slides under a towel. Pepper walks in and it was as if she walked to her in slow motion, she was the most beautiful woman Penny has ever seen. Penny’s eyes are wide as she see’s Pepper lick her lips hungry to touch Penny’s supple skin. Pepper assertively smoothes on the oil as she explains it’s secret ingredients. Penny feels the warm oil absorb into her skin and her muscles relax. Pepper breathes deeply as she inhales Penny’s scent, she rubs her legs, her thighs, higher, and higher, Penny begins to feel nervous. “Let it happen,” Pepper purrs. Penny relaxes once again and remembers the promise of the massage, “promotes confidence, relaxation, and happiness.” Penny was doubtful that these qualities can come from a simple massage, but she begins to believe it with every stroke of Pepper’s soft hands. Pepper moves the towel over Penny’s breasts, and Penny hesitantly allows her. Pepper begins to massage the nipples, and Penny’s soft pink nubs grow erect. Pepper slides her other hand down Penny’s stomach to her pussy. Penny holds her breath as Pepper massages the soft mounds of her pussy, the warm oil mixes with Penny’s salivating pussy and Penny looks into Pepper’s blue eyes for reassurance. “Is it okay?” Pepper smiles, “it’s more than ok.” Pepper climbs up on the table as Penny starts to cum. Penny feels something strange stirring inside of her body, her tensions are being forced out of her, Penny releases them with a strong orgasm as her clit begins to swell.

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Name: Clips4sale – MissaX presents Pepper XO, Penny Pax in Confidence
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