Reality Girls – Sablique Von Lux – Sablique Debuts in Scissor Lovers


At six-feet tall, the imposing and pretty Sablique makes her Reality Girls debut and quickly learns what Chase wants from her infamous legs. Sablique’s legs, with help from her great jawline and clean features, have been getting her ass kissed most of her life. But Chase would rather rub his hands on her ass while she locks his face in her reverse headscissors. While … Mikaela, for example, would either rip Chase’s hands off or break his face for pulling the move, Sablique gives the masochist rope as he is handsome and arguably charming. So blessed it seems is he by the traits that everyone in the room forgets our views on guys enjoying themselves while getting squeezed — which run closer to Mikaela’s. But the two in this clip are young scissor lovers, inexorably drawn by their need to squeeze and to be squeezed, so maybe nothing could have been done. The young pro domme does her thing and well. And she is a domme, so Chase gets only what pleasure she allows interrupted by pain, getting behind him and choking him in a ruthless rear wrist-choke, pinching his carotid while he goes instant purple. She blasts on him powerful, overwhelming headscissors — the kind best applied by girls her height with rare legs approaching her length. Chase taps over and over and Sabquile’s enjoyment of the session grows as she tells him she can break his ribs in bodyscissors and shows him how. Sablique’s bodyscissors are among the elite. Like Goddess Amadahy’s, their leverage can crush ribs while the girls sit almost effortlessly on an elbow. Sablique facesits Chase, front and reverse — double HOM as she jams her ass in his face — and when she learns he’s sniffling because he’s sick and not because he’s crying, she hurts his neck in a reverse headlock, craning his neck towards the ceiling — all of her six feet putting pressure on the hold. A powerful debut by the tall and sexy domme Sablique, who loves dishing out pressure as much as her fellow scissor lover Chase loves taking it.

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Name: Reality Girls – Sablique Von Lux – Sablique Debuts in Scissor Lovers
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