Incest – Sleep walking Dad and his daughter


Back Story:
Mom and daughter have been living interesting lives since their dad/husband started sleep walking. No treatment has worked so far and dad has been sleepwalking a lot. He’s been sleep walking into the bathroom when his wife is in the shower and walking into his daughters room when she’s changing, among other things. What mom and her daughter don’t know is that dad is in complete control and has been pretending to sleep walk in order to spy on them in the shower or when their changing or whenever he wants. And now he’s about to set into motion an even more perverted plan.

Daughter in the Shower – Mom and daughter are talking about dad’s sleepwalking problem. Daughter complains that dad walked in on her naked again! mom explains that she understand but again tells her to just deal with it for now. She reminds her to not wake her father when he’s sleepwalking or he could suffer severely. Daughter leaves to go take a shower. When dad her’s his daughter in the shower he sets his plan into action. He barges into the bathroom. Daughter freaks out at first but then quickly goes quiet remembers she cant wake him. Dad fumbles around the bathroom and his daughter decides to try and sneak out. she steps out of the shower, grabs a towel, and heads for the door dad grabs her arm and pulls her back. Daughter gasps as dad removes her towel and begins to grope her breast’s and ass. she whispers “he must think I’m mom….” as he continues to feel her. suddenly she is turned around and bent over the sink. “Oh my god what should i do”, she says as dad feels her pussy and grabs her ass. “I cant wake him oh my god……I just have to let him do what he needs to do” suddenly dad starts to press his cock against her pussy. Daughter starts to freak out “oh my god he’s totally gonna fuck me…Oh my god what should i do!” she whispers. Dad suddenly shoves his entire cock into her. She’s knows she cant wake him and simply lets him fuck her. After a long fuck session dad cums in his little girl and falls back to sit on the toilet seat, still “fast asleep”. Oh my god i cant believe that just happened whispers his daughter.

Name: Incest – Sleep walking Dad and his daughter
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