Incest – Clips4Sale – MissaX presents Adriana Chechik & Megan Rain in Bad Medicine VII


I’m preparing for the interview of a lifetime. I’ve carefully chosen casual-dressy clothes, just as I’ve seen the team members and owner of the business wear to work. I’m a nervous wreck that it may be too casual, that I may not be able to portray my passion for the job, oh– what if I stumble, or make a mistake. I can NOT make a mistake. Failure is not an option. I rehearse my handshake, smile, and eye contact with the living room mirror when I hear my sisters’ giggling in the kitchen. “Keep it down, please girls!” They shout back in unison, “sorry.”

The girls come back with two shot glasses and present a glass as a gift. I roll my eyes, “I can’t drink before this interview,” but Adriana informs me that it’s not booze in the glass, she sweetly replies, “it’s valerian, to calm your nerves. Megan chimes in with an innocent smile, “yeah.. it’s all natural.” I could definitely use something to help me with my nerves, my hands have been trembling all morning about this interview. I tentatively ask, “it won’t make me sleepy, will it?” They assure me that the effect is so subtle, hardly noticeable, but will be good for me. I smell the glass, it has no smell, and I drink it down in one chug. Megan drinks the other glass and smiles at me reassuring. Adriana’s eyes are fixated on my pants. “Do you feel a little…. uhmm… uplifted?”

I can feel a rush of energy inside of me, and I’m not sure if it’s calming me, but it feels indescribably pleasant. I feel the b.lo0.d rush through my veins and I try to compose myself, to study my interviewing question, to rehearse the company’s mission statement, and make thoughtful commentary on how I could enhance their team. I try, try, try to focus, but oh.. I feel so hard, so horny, and the girls burst out laughing, pointing, and mocking my massive erection.

I am furious. I have to leave in 20 minutes! I order them to help me take down this erection. Megan whines, “can’t you just use those nudie mags under your mattress?” I am shocked she knew about my collection of three precious issues of “Oiled Up Babez.” I consider it for a moment, and then I lie, “no.. mom threw them away a while ago.” I look to the girls. “I need your help, you must help me get this thing down, my dream career, my preparation, my only shot at true professional happiness is in your hands! PLEASE girls! Adriana starts to feel my desperation, she looks down ashamed, she whispers to Megan how they made a mistake, she says, “we have to help him, after all.. we did this to him.”


Name: Incest – Clips4Sale – MissaX presents Adriana Chechik & Megan Rain in Bad Medicine VII
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