British Bratz -Taxing Your Tiny Dick


Your dick is a joke. It really shows the kinda ‘man’ you claim to be. How can you walk around with that ‘thing’, it is in fact an insult to the mankind. Did it just never grow? Are you deformed? Or are you just a fucking absolute loser? Well either way I am going to tax you for every single inch you are under the average penis size. You will measure your pathetic worm, you will email me with your embarrassing measurement and I will then of course tax you just as you deserve.

No one wants that thing, it is of no use to anyone. You will be keeping those V plates for the rest of your irrelevant little life. With a teeny tiny pin dick like that you deserve nothing more than to be used, abused and in anyway possible and that is exactly what I will be doing with you. You make me sick so pay up tiny dick freaks!

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Name: British Bratz -Taxing Your Tiny Dick
Video: mp4, HD, 1280×720
Time: 00:06:45
Size: 216 MB

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