Angel The Dreamgirl presents Fuck My Face III Under Submission – 09.04.2018 (Premium user request)


Outfit the same as the last clip with the extra pads in bra , make up and super big lips the same as it was perfect last clip. Clip starts with you working in the office, blouse fully buttoned up and your boss is fantising about you maybe cut in some action from the previous clip. He wants you so bad, he pours a drink and then you see him sprinkle a powder in it, you drink the drink and within seconds, you are unconsious. He picks you up and takes you over to the sofa and lays you down. He starts feeling over your body, unbuttons your blouse giving your tits a nice sqeeze and feel, he pulls up your skirt and feels your Stockings. He gets his cock out and using your hand, strokes his cock until he is super erect. He takes your lipgloss and he applies a really heavy coat to your Red lips. He then pulls you up into a seating position and ties your hands behind your back with his tie. he then slowly pushes his hard cock into your mouth forcing it right to the base, you are still unconsious as he continues to face fuck you, forcing his cock to the back of your throat. He stops to take off your skirt and blouse and kneels you down on the floor.

He reapplies some lipgloss to your lips, you slowly open your eyes to see his hard cock mm’s from your mouth, you struggle and scream what are you doing!!!. He then grabs your head and forces his cock to the back of your throat, he really face fucks you, really hard and fast, right to the base of his cock with every thrust, you are drooling and gagging but deepthroating with every thrust and beginning to really love it! He stops and tells you do exactly as he says or this will never end. He asks you to stand up , your hands still tied and lean down and deepthroat his cock like a whore. You really go for it , you in control now, lots of drool and fast and hard deepthroating him right to the base. He unties your hands and throws you onto the sofa on your back with your head leaning over the edge, your legs up and proceeds to start face fucking you again, hard and fast. You then kneel back up and you are back in control grab his arse and you give him a hard and fast deepthroating right to the base. He then shoots a hugh load over your face and lips, grabs your head and forces it to the back of your throat.

Usual rules, lots of nice cleavage , legs and heels and always red gloosy lips. The change with this clip is rather then soft and slow, its quite brutal , always deepthroating him. The last clip was amazing, you could see his cock going right down your throat.

Name: Angel The Dreamgirl presents Fuck My Face III Under Submission – 09.04.2018 (Premium user request)
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awesome upload this site is excellent


I really wanna watch this put i have to be a premium user :/