Americanmeangirls – Violent Pastry


What the fuck is this? Did one of OUR REAL LIFE SLAVES think he could get away with eating a donut? He’s so fat. If he wants his donut so bad maybe he can lick it off the bottom of my shoes. Let’s see if my soles taste chocolaty. What a foul ass fat person.From now on this slave is going to live on dirt. Just like a piggy we put a snout on him and degrade him as the worthless fat slave he really is.I become his sustenance. By the time I’m done with him, he is begging for more, and to make sure he isn’t such a fat-ass we make sure we are the only ones able to stick anything in his mouth.-Princess Ashley

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Name: Americanmeangirls – Violent Pastry
Video: MP4, FullHD, 1920×1080
Time: 00:07:45
Size: 470 MB

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